Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Statement of Purpose Part Two

Statement of Purpose Part Two
Here at Appalachian State University I am studying film. This school does not technically have a film studies program so I am studying it through Interdisciplinary Studies. I am pulling classes from the English department, the Curriculum and Instruction department, the Theatre and possibly the Communications departments. My main focus will be on the technical aspect of film because that is what I am most passionate about.
The classes I am taking from the English department are Introduction to Film, Survey of World Cinema I and II, Advanced Studies in Film, and possibly Film Theory and Criticism or Screenwriting. The two classes I am taking from the Curriculum and Instruction department are Introduction to Sight and Sound and Beginning Video Production. The only class I know of right now that I will take in the Theatre department is Producing the Narrative Film, but I think there is a film workshop offered over the summer by the same professor as the production course. I do not know if I am going to take any classes from the Communications department because I think they are more geared towards television production not films.
I had originally planned to major in English with the concentration in film, but when I went to each one of my classes one semester I knew I would not last. English is not even close to one of my favorite subjects, so majoring in it would have been pure torture! After that I was shopping around different majors trying to figure something out, I looked at the Communications major, Business major, and a few others. I even considered transferring schools until someone told me about the Interdisciplinary Studies program. I looked into it and immediately made an appointment with Richard Carp. After the meeting I had a vague idea of the classes I wanted to take because I already knew all the film classes from the English department.
As for my portfolio, I have put a lot of thought into it and I figured out that I’m going to make a website and create links to everything I do that relates to my major. Any films that I make, reviews that I write, papers that I write that relate to interdisciplinarity. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is whether I’m going to strictly follow the portfolio requirements or create my own guidelines. I have a few papers I have written for Praxis that might be able to go in the portfolio, along with papers I have written for Introduction to Film and Survey of World Cinema I. The only actual film I have made was the one from the Apple iMovie Contest and once I actually create the website I will put it up. I will also create a link to my Introduction to Sight and Sound website because there are a lot of great projects I have done in that class that would fit well in the portfolio.

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