Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one more event

oct. 15th-12:00-1:00pm
-Masankho Banda-is a multi-disciplinary performing artist and educator-- a performance piece then lecture about his use of the fine arts to motivate people for "peace, social justice, and cultural understanding" it sounds awesome, he is sharing how he has been able to teach through dance and storytelling all over the world-

in the TCVA lecture hall

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Event

Join Majka Burhardt for a presentation on her climbing expedition to unexplored sandstone spires in Ethiopia. October 2nd at 8PM in the Price Lake Room, Plemmons Student Union. op.appstate.edu


Friday, October 3, 2008 @ 7:30pm - ?
The Nth Gallery
683 West King Street
(above Loretta's Vendetta)

The Groove, New Works by Billy Fowler
check out his website @ sweatybuffalo.com

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008 Lecture Hall 114 Belk Library 7:00pm
Walking among the Iraqi people: making peace with many truths

Journalist and photographer Lorna Tychostup uncovers the war you won’t see on TV by opting to get as close to the people as possible. Since 2003, she has visited Iraq four times collectively spending almost 4 months there, most recently for the Iraqi election on Jan 30, 2005. Living in modest unprotected hotels and traveling in beat-up cabs, she has found her way from the ordinary people in the street, to the squatters living in bombed-out government-owned properties, to high-ranking state ministers, to the judges of the new Iraq who have chosen to uphold the law of the land at incredible risk to their lives. Her haunting photographs and poignant stories enable her audiences to share the tragedy, the struggle and the triumph of the various communities that make up the Iraqi people. This presentation is essential for anyone hoping to understand any aspect—domestic, political, or otherwise—of what is currently the world's most conspicuous crisis.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Event! Japanese International Cafe

Japanese Club is hosting the International Cafe,
tomorrow Fri Sept 26
from 12pm till 2:30
at White Water Cafe
on the 2nd floor of the student union.

There will be some free food and other Japanese activities.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Integrative Praxes

Here is an electronic copy of Richard Carp's "Integrative Praxes."

Your Portfolio

Below is the format for the traditional IDS portfolio:

Portfolio Requirements
  • Signature sheet
  • Table of Contents
  • Resume
  1. Define interdisciplinarity and explain your answer, illustrating with examples from your own concentration as well as other authors writing on the topic; or discuss why and in what ways you are interdisciplinary, similarly with reference to published authors analyzing interdisciplinarity (medium/a optional). While your own experience will be central to this assignment, external sources must be cited.
  2. Provide
    • (a). An annotated list of 10-20 "matrices of meaning" (e.g., books, articles, films, museum collections) central to understanding your concentration. Proper bibliographic format must be used. Your annotation should indicate both what the item is, what it is about, and why it is important to your concentration. This list should be such that faculty in your concentration would agree that these are central or very important to the field.
    • (b) your reviews or responses to at least three of the items on this list (more would be better if the quality remains high)
    • (a) Describe as many methods of doing interdisciplinary work as you can (at least five), explaining why these methods foster interdisciplinarity
    • (b) Demonstrate that you know how to use three or more.
    • (a) Describe as many transdisciplinarities as you can (at least five)
    • (b) Demonstrate that you know how to use three or more.
  3. Explain your concentration as an interdisciplinary and polymethodic enterprise (check with your advisor if you wish to use a medium other than writing).
  4. Demonstrate skills in the following areas, with a brief explanatory paragraph (in general, samples of coursework will satisfy this requirement, but it is possible for non-class material to do so):
    • a. integration
    • b. research
    • c. speaking
    • d. problem-solving
    • e. collaboration
    • f. ability to create a computer generated presentation that takes advantage of non-text capacities of computers
    • g. use of at least one medium not dependent on writing (dance, music, clay, print-making, video, paint, performance art, etc.). Check with your advisor if you are not sure whether a medium will qualify.
  5. Include your proposal for and evidence of accomplishing a senior project (medium/a optional, but must incorporate a significant written component).
  6. Anything else you wish to include to demonstrate your experience or understanding of interdisciplinarity or your concentration.

Portfolio Signature Sheet

However, there are other options available. You may, after consultation with your IDS advisor, substitute a revised portfolio. In any case, you should begin collecting work from your IDS core classes and courses from your major concentration with an eye towards demonstrating the development of your interdisciplinary work over your college career.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Next Two Weeks

For the next three classes, I'll be meeting with small groups over coffee in the Whitewater Coffee Shop during our regular class time from 9:30-10:45 on the second floor of the student union. Then we'll meet again as an entire class. Come to coffee on the day you're scheduled below. See you then.

T 9/16 Katy, Erin, Christina, John

TH 9/18 Jimmy, William, Kelly, Bri

T 9/23 Travis, Kegan, Lane, Ally

TH 9/25 Entire class meets in our regular classroom, LLA 124.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi, my name is Jimmy Hunt and I'm in my last semester here at ASU. I switched my major from a double business major of management and marketing, to a major in IDS with a business minor. My focus is Entertainment Promotion and Production; which fortunately fits in line with my life outside of school. This past year I started my own business, using resources offered by ASU and the ASU Entrepreneurship Center. My business, Black Paw Entertainment, LLC enabled me to organize, promote and produce Music on the Mountain. Luckily, all our work paid off and we had record setting numbers; 2,500 in the first year.

I hope to use all areas of my IDS classes to help understand not only logistical business knowledge, but also, people more sensible areas such as people management. Combining theory, reason and knowledge to the tools I've already learned in the business school will be a huge help and a whole new way to look at things!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


There will be two reading handouts in class on Tuesday.

We will read and discuss the first, short, handout in class on Tuesday.

The second will be your reading assignment for class on Thursday.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet event

Hey friends, so my event that I am going to do is Dance Marathon. This is perfect for my concentation because all the money raised goes to two awesome non-profits in the area. Western Youth Network works with middle school students in the high country providing good influences, tutoring and mentoring. Parent to Parent works with families who have children who have died, have chronic illnesses, or disabilities in learning how to handle, and cope. You all should be 24 hour dancers. You have to raise $240 but it is really easy and we in the act office help with that. It is going to be on November 15th this year at 9am. If you are interested let me know. Even if you don't feel like boogying all night long come be a morale. It is amazing and really fun though so I would suggest being a champ and dancing! :) Have a great day!

What's Up

Hi, my name is John,
I'm very new to blogging so this might not be the right way to post, but I'm trying. This is my sixth semester here at ASU. My major is IDS Environmental Policy and Planning, which is a mixture of political science, physical science, anthropology and IDS classes. I hope to use this degree to help make a positive change especially in the American way of life pertaining to energy consumption. Mainly I'd like to focus on the low-hanging energy fruit which plagues our society, by which I mean making energy conservation a way of life. I was originally inspired to achieve this goal when I was hosting a Japanese exchange student in my Senior year of high school. I remember when he took showers he'd ask for a washcloth and use the water as sparingly as possible, even though he wasn't in Japan. Although Kento was 4 years younger than myself he still was aware of the impacts of his actions on the environment. I guess then I decided that accepting responsibility for our actions was not as daunting as it seemed, and that not doing so is somewhat irresponsible especially if you are aware of the potential negative impacts you could cause.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008