Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Up

Hi, my name is John,
I'm very new to blogging so this might not be the right way to post, but I'm trying. This is my sixth semester here at ASU. My major is IDS Environmental Policy and Planning, which is a mixture of political science, physical science, anthropology and IDS classes. I hope to use this degree to help make a positive change especially in the American way of life pertaining to energy consumption. Mainly I'd like to focus on the low-hanging energy fruit which plagues our society, by which I mean making energy conservation a way of life. I was originally inspired to achieve this goal when I was hosting a Japanese exchange student in my Senior year of high school. I remember when he took showers he'd ask for a washcloth and use the water as sparingly as possible, even though he wasn't in Japan. Although Kento was 4 years younger than myself he still was aware of the impacts of his actions on the environment. I guess then I decided that accepting responsibility for our actions was not as daunting as it seemed, and that not doing so is somewhat irresponsible especially if you are aware of the potential negative impacts you could cause.

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