Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet event

Hey friends, so my event that I am going to do is Dance Marathon. This is perfect for my concentation because all the money raised goes to two awesome non-profits in the area. Western Youth Network works with middle school students in the high country providing good influences, tutoring and mentoring. Parent to Parent works with families who have children who have died, have chronic illnesses, or disabilities in learning how to handle, and cope. You all should be 24 hour dancers. You have to raise $240 but it is really easy and we in the act office help with that. It is going to be on November 15th this year at 9am. If you are interested let me know. Even if you don't feel like boogying all night long come be a morale. It is amazing and really fun though so I would suggest being a champ and dancing! :) Have a great day!

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