Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Campus Events Paper

Jimmy Hunt
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Two Events

Campus Events

I attended the speech by Robert Kennedy Jr. at Farthing Auditorium on Oct. 23rd as one of my two campus events. I thoroughly enjoyed this event, and was able to connect and take away a lot from his beliefs. I consider myself fortunate to hear first hand Mr. Kennedy speak, mainly because an essential part of my major and business deals directly with sustainable living. Though I was aware of his current activism, I did not know his extensive background and educational resume, which built upon the respect I already had for him.

My favorite part was when he got off topic, which was roughly the last hour. He seemed truly passionate, not taking a glance at a single note card or referencing a power point. Throughout that rant, I connected most with his approach toward the issues. Too many speakers and politicians today give the obvious problem, but offer no answer. Kennedy gave a specific and direct plan which would not only help our current environmental crisis, but also directly benefit our economic status.

I was also very fortunate to know the director of Appalachian Voices because we worked together on my green event this past Fall. She was able to let me go early to the event and meet with Mr. Kennedy very shortly. He was just as warm and approachable in person as his presence on stage.

I relate this event to IDS because his speech was formulated from many different aspects; environmental, social, and economically. Kennedy tied in both current and past examples to strengthen his arguments. He used the multidisciplinary route as well to highlight his main points on environmental activism.

The second event I attended was the Do it to Julia CD Release show, hosted by APPS and Split Rail Records at Legends, Oct. 29th. This was a very fun show and the music was amazing. Do it to Julia is a band made up of all ASU students and over the last year have been boosted up and supported by the ASU community tremendously.

It related to IDS because there were several different, yet similar organizations working together to produce one event. Split Rail Records, the student run record label, and APPS, the student run promotional team, organized, promoted, and produced the event. They used print, radio, and tv promotion to help spread the word prior to the show. APPS monitored the music and sound and provided the essential necessities for a live music show.

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