Monday, November 17, 2008

IDS Statement of Purpose 2

Oliver 1

Brianna Oliver
Professor Stranovski
IDS 3150-101
18 November 2008
IDS Statement of Purpose 2
My course of study through the Interdisciplinary department was already somewhat planned out for me as I am taking the Third World Studies track, from which I choose specific classes in different categories already laid out, but what makes it interesting for me is how I am able to choose these classes and enjoy them. Because I am only a sophomore I am still managing my way through General Studies finishing core classes to graduate, but now beginning my track towards an Interdisciplinary degree is promising for what lays ahead in my coursework for the major.
My interest is within Latin American Studies, so my intention is to take classes geared towards a possible minor or just an emphasis in this field with the Interdisciplinary degree. So far with this I have began the Spanish track, just now in 1010, and will complete this next year. I have also taken Geography of Latin America this semester which has compelled me even more to take interest in the affairs of the Latin countries. Aside from this I plan to take course involving Latin American politics and history.
I also hope to take various types of courses like World Music, political classes, historical classes, literature classes, and anything else that sounds interesting to me. It is exciting to get the opportunity for variety in life, particularly while studying, and look
Oliver 2
forward to my next few semesters at Appalachian State in terms of what I will learn and take from each course.
In terms of integrated studies I feel like my two degrees I am working towards (Communication Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies) complete the idea of “integration”. Most people question my sanity when I tell them my course of study at Appalachian State, but when it comes to the motivation behind the two degrees, it makes sense to some after. Thus far I have taken classes based on public speaking and the incentive behind mass societies while simultaneously looking at the spatial distributions of Latin American indigenous populations and learning the basics of the Spanish language. I honestly would not have it any other way. So far these have aided in my sense of what I want to do and how, despite such different subjects, everything can interlock in some way or other. The interactions and communication between foreign relations directly affects the people involved, creating the basis for my studies and what I hope to potentially get from both.
Overall I anticipate what I will learn, but it is hard to get a good sense of what the outcome will be since I am still so young in my education process. The courses I look forward to taking are forthcoming, but I have gotten a good start in both of my fields and feel secure that I will be learning the things I wish to learn and take with me post-graduation.

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