Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Statement of Purpose II

Jimmy Hunt

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Statement of Purpose

My concentration is Environmental and Social Aware Event Promotion, with specific attention toward the music industry.

My reason for attending college and the goals within the system have changed over the years. Initially, I thought college a necessity solely because I could obtain the necessary tools that are required in finding a “good” job. However, in part due to my change to IDS and part due to my personal working experience outside of college, I now recognize immeasurable knowledge as the primary advantage and goal of higher education. This realization is what I have focused my concentration around; approaching business with a higher value on social and environmental aspects, instead of success in terms of monetary value. My goal within the IDS program is to understand underlying themes from several theories of thought, which help connect the bigger picture. Specifically, I intend to draw strengths from social and environment ways of thought to help personalize and create my own niche within the business world. I need to fulfill a greater understanding of business than any business degree can offer. I need to understand why people work, specifically what fuels the overall working class, as well as the individual. In addition, I need to learn how my actions within event promotion affect the current and future state of the environment. Overall, by combining my past courses and major of Business Management with my current IDS courses, I wish to finally merge the gap between business and social and environment awareness. I hope to combine my concerns for the environment and social justice, with a successful and profitable event promotions career.

My first two years of college were spent at a private, liberal arts school, Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. I was a double major in Economics and Political Science. Looking back, doubling in those two majors was the closest thing to an IDS degree at that particular school. When I transferred to Appalachian State, I immediately declared myself as a Business Management Major. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the raw, fundamental style of teaching, I yearned for something deeper. Possibly because I transferred, I was unaware of the IDS program all together, until my friend discussed his enjoyment within the program. Though I regret the length of time spent outside of IDS, I do not regret the knowledge learned. By taking nearly 4 years of some type of business, I was able to build a firm base of solid tools and tactics to enter the overbearing business world.

All my different backgrounds, such as my two prior majors as well as my personal working experience, blend perfectly with my IDS major. This past year, I was bitten strongly by the entrepreneurial bug, pushing me to start my own business; Black Paw Entertainment, LLC. I, along with my friend and partner, created our own Promotion and Production Company, with the idea of organizing the first, all green Music Festival in Boone. After a years worth of fundraising, booking entertainment, marketing, advertising, management, and finally production, our event was a huge success. Our event, Music on the Mountain which took place August 23rd, 2008, was Boone’s largest music festival in nearly a decade drawing out over 2,500 attendees. We incorporated over ten non profits which specialize in renewable and alternative energy, as well as social justice. My move to IDS is in big part due to my journey with my business. There are countless music festivals offered today; however, few have tried combining raising awareness of social and environment issues as part of their overall scheme. These events are important because they are my medium to which I transfer other important life messages, such as sustainable living. Moreover, I use my business background to gage the correct logistics of large scale production, such as budgeting, finances, and break even points. By switching to IDS, and creating my own major, I can bring in the last aspects of my goal. I am now learning through Histories of Knowledge how and why people work, as well as how to plan and produce an event without destroying the land, though my Sustainable Development courses. Through the IDS program and my major I am able to carve out a new niche in event promotion.

It is extremely apparent that a regular major and minor within the business school would not suffice my goals and aspirations. I wanted more than the basic fundamental skills taught by a business school. I intend to draw upon many different aspects and relate them all back to my personal career goal, event promotion. The IDS program enables me to pull ideas from Marx Capitalism and fuse them with an environmental policy. I am free to fully understand, a privilege every college student should experience.

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