Sunday, August 31, 2008


hey everyone! my name is lane. i am from a very small town, in the farthest western tip of north carolina, called brasstown. it is a town full of mountain culture and craft, which fueled my desire to do something artistic with my life. i came to app in 2005 and this is my fourth year here. i decided to come to boone because my uncle lives here and my family has been visiting boone since i was very little and i have always loved it here. i am a senior now. however, because of my indecisiveness, i will not be graduating for a while. i started my college career having absolutely NO CLUE what i wanted to do. i have thought about everything from psychology to forensic chemistry to meteorology. my current degree path is graphic design, but i quickly realized that i wasnt fitting in there either. so, i plan on switching to IDS in order to create my own major where i am able to combine art and business. i originally wanted to concentrate in metalsmithing and jewelry design, but i might just say fine arts and get a little bit of everything in there. i am combining the art with the business so that hopefully one day i will have a successful and prosperous artistic business (doing whatever i finally decide on), or if the whole art thing doesnt work out, i will have a business background to fall back on.

ok...thats me in a nut shell. hopefully i covered everything i was supposed to. :-)

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