Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey friends,

my name is Kelly and I am a junior creating my major. I love working with people with disabilities and I really want to make an organization called Yahwah's World. The word yahwah in greek means "I be who I be" which is so fitting to the population I want to work with. So many time we get wrapped up in a name or a title that we classify people and judge them too soon. Yahwah's World is going to be a safe havent for people to come and be loved for who they are. I would love to have it be a life skills program during the school year for adults where they can come learn skills like how to count change, or set the table...basic things that they just need a little extra practice with. Also tied with that, having a mentoring program set up where a person who wants to be a big brother type person would have a child with disabilities and a child without, teaching that they have the same desire and dreams and that they are more alike than they might think. During the summer I would love to have a camp where they can come and learn about the great outdoors and just have fun. SO, I am doing IDS in order to gain skills needed to run and create a non-profit so im pulling from communications, and business as well as special education and minoring in social work.

That part was really long so i'll keep this short. Im originally from New Jersey, so I talk loud and fast and use my hands a lot. I love to write and play music and just learning new things. enough said.

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