Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little about me.

Hello. I'm erin. I came to App. in 2001 as a wataugan. I couldn't shake that interdisciplinary, so I began creating my individually designed major, combining art and sustainable development. I didn't get very far. I left App. my junior year to "figure some things out". Really, I traveled, became a massage therapist, and decided I wanted to finish my BA. So I came back, began the art program and I graduate in December. So, as of now, I am a studio art major with a minor in IDS.
So why am I studying what I am studying? I went to massage school on my mothers intuition, and ended up loving it! I'm studying art because that was always my special something. And IDS was thrown into the mix because it made sense of it all. Now that I have that sense, I want to go to nursing school when I finish up with App.

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