Sunday, August 31, 2008


hey everyone-im christina
interdisciplinary studies/individually designed

I started Appalachian in 99/2000 for interior design, but after coming extremely close to the end of that major and as well, finishing minors in art and sociology in 2005, I began to explore what i truly want to do and did not feel that an interior design degree would accomplish my goals.

I took 3 years away from the school to do as many random, interesting, and hopefully helpful things including Hurricane Katrina relief with the Red Cross twice in 2005 and working other various jobs with children who showed a wide range of abilities and challenges. I often had to find many 'original' solutions to problems I didn't know existed until i was met with them.

Long story short, i realized that I was using several aspects of my college education that i never thought I would ever need, from green building design and plumbing to family development and more social service oriented classes i have been in. I enjoyed that strange integration so much that I am returning under the interdisciplinary studies title, so that I can better and more properly apply the tools I was given and as well learn many more. Even though I know I will be challenged to better articulate truly why I am here I am grateful to be, and i think that is a good start?! I am really excited to meet everyone and learn what I can from such a diverse group of people this semester and look forward to learning from you all.

~christina f.


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